Learn how to bring the benefits of podcasting to your classroom

You've likely heard of podcasting by now. Countless universities, colleges and K-12 classes worldwide are using the technology to deliver recorded lectures, news and information to students. In fact, nothing has had a greater impact on students since the invention of the paddle. OK, I kid, but I'm also making a point here—podcasting has taken education by storm, and the technology cannot be ignored.

Why podcast in education?

The results of internal evaluations of pilot podcasting programs by universities including Duke* and the University of Washington* (UW) have encouraged these institutions to expand their podcasting programs. Duke faculty reported greater student engagement and interest in class discussions, field research and independent projects incorporating the use of iPods. UW faculty noted that students are less likely to drop podcasted courses because the recordings help them to keep up with the material. Additional observed benefits include increased class enthusiasm (especially when the students are involved in the project) and stronger student evaluations of courses.

It's easy to get started podcasting in the classroom

So, how can you bring the benefits of podcasting to your students? PoducateMe features a comprehensive podcasting guide that reveals exactly how it's done. The entire PoducateMe Podcasting Guide can be read online and free of charge.

The PoducateMe Podcasting Guide takes the mystery out of:

  • How to find and download podcasts
  • How to select appropriate podcasting equipment and software
  • How to record, edit and polish your podcast
  • How to create an "enhanced" podcast containing links and graphics
  • How to upload your podcast to the Internet
  • How to create a podcast blog
  • How to share podcasts with your students
  • Much more!

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the PoducateMe Podcasting Guide today and start engaging your students tomorrow.

* Duke University iPod First-Year Experience
* UW Podcasting: Evaluation of Year One


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